Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Quote 121

We may admire a person with Beauty,Knowledge or Wealth
We always trust only a person with good character

Quote 120

Every painful situation is a gift to make you unique from others!
So face the pains to become the best in your life.

Quote 119

Fire always blows upwards till it puts off.
Like that never compromise on your aimed heights
Be like fire..!
Keep the fire burning

Quote 118

Enthusiasm is the greatest asset in the world

it beats money , Power and influence

Quote 117

Lock and Key are made of the same metal
Lock is always bigger than the key
Problems are like Lock
and Solutions are like Key.
Don't Focus on the problem but find the key

Quote 116

Smile is the electricity and the life is a battery!
whenever you smile ,it gets charged & a beautiful day is activated.
So keep smiling

Quote 115

Lonely hours are the best hours of life..

Because its the only time we share our deepest secrets with the most trusted person in

the world ..Ourselves

Quote 114

When you truly care for someone, you dont find faults and mistakes ;

Instead you correct their mistakes and accept their faults.

Thats true affection

Quote 113

Life itself cannot give you happiness unless you really wish for it.
Life just gives you time and space.
Its up to you to fill it