Tuesday, November 10, 2009

quote 112

Human potential, if it is not fully explored physically,mentally,emotionally and every possible way,that is a wasted life.

Quote 111

A butterfly lives only 14 days , but still it flies joyfully capturing many hearts.

Each moment in life is precious,Be happy and keep winning hearts

quote 110

Beautiful life is just an imagination..

But Life is more beautiful than imagination.

quote 109

Nothing in life is to be feared

It is only to be understood

Quote 108

Champions do difficult things to rise above the crowd,

others do easy things and remain in the crowd.

Quote 107

Efforts are never wasted even when it leads to disappointing results,

because it always makes you more prepared,stronger,capable and experienced.

Quote 106

Success is the problem,

but failure is the formula...

you cant solve the problem without knowing the formula...

Quote 105

Never leave a true relation,

When you see some faults..

Be patient and realize that nobody is perfect.

Its affection that matters,not Perfection

Quote 104

A mistake increases our experience and experience decreases our mistakes.
We learn from our mistakes,
But others will learn from our success

Quote 103

No one will manufacture a lock with out a key.

similarly,God won't give problems without solutions.

So go fearless and face it.

Quote 102

A fool becomes intelligent when he understands that he's a fool.

A genius becomes a fool when he beleives that he is a genius.